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NEW PRODUCT - Dura-Steel Targets

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Industrial HEPA Vacuums

Compact and portable, the S3 has all the features of a much larger, more expensive vacuum. An ultra-efficient filtration system and three motors provide exceptional suction power. The S3 is adaptable for dry or wet collection and can be equipped with the Longopac “endless bag” collection system.

  • Filter Efficiency, HEPA 99.995%
  • Shooting Surface 24"W x 45"H
  • Triple motor for exceptional suction power.
  • Compact & Portable

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BEST SELLER - Sight-Bloc

The Range Systems Sight-Bloc™ is superior to sandbags and metal rests for sighting in a rifle. Its molded rubber construction provides a stable rifle rest that can be easily repositioned to provide three different heights.


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NSSF MemberGSA Contract Holder

Dura-Steel Targets 
Range System Exclusive

• No Welds
• 3/8" AR500
• Reversible
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Range Ready Starter Kit


The Range Ready starter kit for the new shooter includes eyes/ears, lead wipes and soap and a quik stand target stand, the essential supplies needed for a day at the range.

• BEST SELLING Quik Stand, qty. 1
• Elvex Slim Foldable Muff, qty. 1
• Elvex Avion Safety Glasses, qty. 1
• ESCA-Tech D-wipe Towels, qty. 40
• ESCA-Tech D-Lead Hand Soap, 8 oz. bottle
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NEW Quik Stand

Best Value: The size and design make this target stand the most efficient and cost effective paper target stand on the market today
Construction: Steel zinc coated finish
Accomodates both 1x2's and 2x2'

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