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5-in-1™ Breach Door


Quick Overview

SKU #80-11-204-1

Fits standard size doorway openings and is designed for installation in shoot houses or breach bays. Pre-drilled tabs in the frame
provide solid integration into existing or new structures and allow the door to be quickly installed with common lag bolts or be welded into
place. The option of right or left swing-in is offered as well as custom sizes to fit your specific requirements.
Weight 305 lbs.

B. Removable Base:
Simply adding the base allows the 5-in-1™ Breach Door to become a stand-alone training tool. Base attaches quickly with common hand
tools and is easily dismantled for transport or for storing. Weight 100 lbs.
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A successful breach is critical to tactical team members faced with gaining quick access into a barricaded or fortified location in high-risk situations. Range Systems 5-in-1™ Breach Door provides the training tool for personnel to learn the skills of forcible approach techniques, tactics, and procedures. The unique design of Range Systems 5-in-1™ Breach Door supports five different breaching scenarios – Ram, Pry, Shotgun, Explosive, and Failed. Eliminating the need to sustain a variety of breach doors and utilizing low cost consumables in its design, Range Systems 5-in-1™ Breach Door reduces the cost of training while increasing training value. Range Systems 5-in-1™ breach door is constructed from 2" x 2" x 3/16" thick powder coated structural steel and withstands manual, mechanical, shotgun, and surgical explosive procedures. A bolt-on ballistic plate protects the door from damage for ram training and to accommodate other dynamic entry procedures, low cost sacrificial wood inserts and panels are used. The 5-in-1™ Breach Door quickly resets for the next training scenario, providing maximum training with minimal set up and reset intervals.