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Ammo-Up 36-inch Brass collector



Quick Overview

SKU #70-30-003

36" Ammo-Up spent Brass collector.
  • 1 year warranty  
  • The wide collection area and basket are perfect for high volume ranges and saves a ton of time on the range allowing for more training
  • Removable basket
  • Indoor an outdoor use


With removable baskets, will pick up all rifle and pistol brass with the exception of the .22 rimfire. The Ammo- Up will work rolling forward or backward, but will only eject casings into the basket moving forward. It has an actual pick-up area of 36.5 inches. When using outdoors, we recommend clearing debris such as thick leaves and large sticks from its path. Ideal surfaces are concrete, carpet, dirt, sand and grass up to 2 inches long. There is minimal assembly required. 104 lbs.