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Ballistic Rubber

Setting the standard for safety

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Range Systems Inc. was founded on a manufacturing process we developed and patented for ballistic rubber. Formulated from recycled rubber particles and our exclusive patented composition, these ballistic rubber products are known as Dura-Bloc™ and Dura-Panel™. Range Systems proprietary ballistic rubber has set the standard for range safety and sustainability.

Firing ranges require a level of maintenance to ensure the ballistic integrity of crucial components is not compromised and to provide a safe range environment. Replacing your damaged baffles or wall systems with Range Systems ballistic rubber products ensures rounds are safely stopped and captured. Range Systems Dura-Panel™, Dura-Bloc™, and EXP™ offer ballistic capabilities no other material can match. In addition, independent testing has verified that EXP ballistic rubber has fire extinguishing properties that reduce the risk of fire from isolated exposure to a low volume of tracers.

Ballistic rubber alone does not stop or defeat rounds and must be used with appropriate steel plate backing.

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