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Portable Bullet Traps

The best in bullet containment

What calibers are going to be fired into your portable trap? What is the expected volume of rounds that will be fired? Do you plan to recover the lead? Is this trap going to be used indoors or outdoors?

These are some of the more important questions consider when evaluating which portable bullet trap is right for your needs. The industry has many different types of bullet containment systems to choose from and can overwhelm the buyer at times.

Most traps consist in part of AR500 steel in various thicknesses to accommodate different calibers. Range System bullet traps utilize our patented ballistic rubber material not only containing nearly all the lead, but eliminates splatter and ricochet's and holds up for thousands of rounds.

With caliber and volume in mind, we not only offer different amounts of AR steel, but also varying thicknesses of our ballistic rubber to handle anything up to .50 cal. In addition, we have traps will work both indoors and outdoors and some that allow for the recovery of the lead like our Lead Recovery Trap and our .50cal trap.

Safety is paramount so we strive to ensure you can confidently shoot into our bullet traps without fear of ricochet and reduced lead exposure. Depending on your use of the traps, we also have many traps that have enhanced protection around the framing in case the traps are use for various training scenarios. These traps are used in shoot houses and law enforcement facilities all over the world and have been tested vigorously to ensure performance.

Ballistic rubber alone does not stop or defeat rounds and must be used with appropriate steel plate backing.

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