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Concealed Carry Master Course - DVDs + Companion Guide



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Concealed Carry Master Course
  • 4 DVDs
  • 100-page Companion Guide
  • 10 hours of training and content drills
Please note: USA sales only.


A practical 10-hour course to develop skills for those who want to be comfortable carrying a handgun for personal defense.

  • Information about how your brain and body respond to extreme situations, and why understanding this Physiological Response to Stress will change everything about how you prepare to protect yourself.
  • Situational Awareness training, which includes threat identification, environment assessment, and 4 simple and practical steps to avoid conflict.
  • The language of firearms, from the parts to the form and function of semi-automatic handguns.
  • Comprehensive shooting fundamentals for semi-automatic handguns, including the most effective stance, grip, sight picture, and trigger press to minimize recoil.
  • A Deterrence Method that lets you communicate with your threat that you will not be a victim, and that will help you to justify your actions should you have to face a jury in court.
  • An understanding of the application of self-defense law that exceeds the standards for Permit to Carry courses.

  • 5 critical ways that the jury must view you to get an acquittal in a self-defense trial.

  • Range techniques for safe, focused, and practical training, so you actually improve your skills during live fire instead of just wasting money-blowing ammo.

Please note: USA sales only.




Concealed Carry Master Course