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Portable Gran Trap



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SKU #TM5007

-Wt. 2,000 lbs.
-Dims: 78"H x 49"W x 100"D
-The shooting surface area of the Portable Gran Trap is 48"W x 96"L.


The Gran Trap is designed for high volume shooting and captures rounds without back-splatter or ricochet. It is rated for standard grade .308/7.62mm ammunition. The depth of the rubber granular material is 24" and fills the support frame to stop and contains bullets virtually intact, reducing the hazards of ricochet and splatter. The shooting surface is inclined to the direction of incoming rounds and Dura-Panel™ ballistic rubber with 3/8" AR500 steel plate back forms the front edge of the trap to confine the rubber granulate fill and capture misdirected rounds. Removable wheels allow the trap to be mobile or it can be bolted to the floor with the built-in mounting plates for a more permanent placement. The use of tracers or any other incendiary-type round is prohibited.