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Home Defense Rifle Course



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Home Defense Rifle Course

  • 10.5 hours of material
  • 5 Bonus sections with 32 dry fire drills and 24 live fire drills



Sealed Mindset Training's Home Defense Rifle course is packed with content that will build skills and confidence to use the AR-15 to defend your home and family. Loaded with 10 1/2 hours of material, the Home Defense Rifle course will keep you training and mastering home defense skills for an extended time. Topics addressed include:

  • Home emergency planning for medical, fire and defense

  • How to defend yourself at the door

  • Using the door as a weapon

  • Operations of a modern sporting weapon

  • Proper loading and reloading shooting fundamentals

  • How to zero your rifle

  • How to clean your rifle

  • Proper hand and muzzle up mounts

  • Setting up a home rifle defense kit

  • Concealment vs. cover