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Nilfisk CFM S2 Industrial HEPA Vacuum



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SKU #70-15-018

Compact and portable, the S2 is ideal not only for general cleaning, but also for the extraction of fine powders and esotic debris.  This machine features a two motor system with rugged, solid steel construction
Voltage @ 60Hz:        120 volts
Type of Power:        single phase
Power, max:         2 kW (S2N1) / 1.6 kW (S2N6)
Current Draw, rated        14.5 amps (S2N1) / 11.5 amps (S2N6)
Waterlift, max:        83.1" (S2N1) / 71.5" (S2N6)
Airflow, max:        198 cfm (S2N1) / 180 cfm (S2N6)
Filter Area, main:       21 sq. ft.
Filter Area, optional HEPA (upstream)        37.7 sq. ft.
Noise Level        70 dB(A)
Protection Class        44 IP
Insulation Class        F
Tank Capacity        13 gallons/50 liters
Machine Inlet        70 mm
Dimensions (L x W x H)        31.5" x 23.6" x 51.2"
Weight        139 lbs.
Cord Length        30 feet
Filter Efficiency, HEPA        99.995% @ 0.18 micron (MPPS tested)


The new S2 single-phase industrial vacuum cleaner from Nilfisk CFM has been designed to meet a wide range of industrial cleaning challenges. Available in a variety of configurations, this industrial vacuum features strong solid construction and cutting-edge innovations like an electronic keypad with LED indicators that monitor the performance of the main and HEPA filters. Standard features of the S2 include a manual filter shaker to quickly clean the main filter, an oversized handle for easy push/pull transport, accessory storage tray, cable holder and more. The S2 is available with the Longopac collection system, a continuous bag that can be filled, cut, disposed, and immediately restored for a new use.