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SEALed Mindset Training Target - Lv 3



Quick Overview

SKU #30-12-602

  • Level 3 Training Target
  • 23” x 35”
  • #50 cream paper
  • Training Silhouette designed by former 10 year veteran of the Navy Seals and founder of Sealed Mindset
  • Features chest (5.5" x8.5”) and head/ocular scoring.
  • Additional sighting points designed for the most popular sights on the market today


 This "Level 3" training target designed by Sealed Mindset is for those shooters who have consistently have a 90%+ standard of accuracy on level's 1 & 2 targets.  The level 3 target takes the same principles as the first in the series, with 1 change.  The chest scoring is reduced to 5.5" x 8.5".  Both head and chest scoring are clearly visible with the contrast to the black silhouette.  Once shooters consistently put rounds withing the target area at a rate above 90%, they can then move onto level 4 (sku# 30-12-603).


SEALed Mindset Training Target