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Tactical "Pivot" Stand



Quick Overview

SKU #50-30-003

  • Target Plate: 8" x 1/4" thick AR500 steel plate - plate ships unpainted
  • Construction: Heavy gauge steel with black powder coat finish
  • Stand Dimensions: 27" long x 26" wide x 10" tall
  • Weight: 28.6 lbs.



  • Pistol target rated for all non-magnum handgun calibers

  • Includes our heavy duty base which is designed for commercial ranges, professional shooters, law enforcement and military training

  • Multifunctional base allows you to shoot steel, paper, and cardboard targets

  • Place the 8" metal plate behind your cardboard target and receive audio and visual feedback with each good shot

  • With the lock pin installed, target bounces back when shot then resets to the forward leaning position (only center hits produce feedback)

  • With lock pin removed, target falls when shot

  • Forward lean can be adjusted so multiple hits are required to drop the target

  • Teaches shooters to keep their sites on target for follow up shots

  • Instant feedback is proven to increase speed and accuracy

  • Train for center mass or head shots by adjusting the length of the 2x4 post

  • Place non-threat targets off center for hostage simulation

  • 8" x 1/4" AR500 target slips on and off standard wood 2x4s

  • Reversible target plate for extended life

  • All-weather design with powder coat finish is capable of year-round outdoor use

  • Heavy 1/4" steel frame construction helps protect against errant handgun shots

  • Portable, lightweight design with ergonomic front carry handle. Weighs only 28 lbs.

  • Target plate ships without paint / cardboard and wood items are not included


Multifunctional Steel Target/ Product Demo