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Stability meets maneuverability

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Dura-Steel is the newest complete line of steel targets from Range Systems. These targets are manufactured from 3/8-inch AR500 steel capable of handling calibers of up to .762 at 100 yards. Dura-Steel targets are offered in 5 different target head silhouettes including: E-Target, M9, IPSC, 2/3 IPSC and Q-Target. The targets are unpainted and contain no welds which can weaken steel and are reversible for added target life.The Dura-Steel Tripod Target Stand is made from solid steel rod and sheet metal and is designed to hold the Dura-Steel targets at a 20 degree forward angle to control splatter, reduce ricochet, and reduce the impact energy allowing for longer target life. The black painted stand also incorporates a pocket to hold an optional hostage head target. The stand weighs just 33 pounds with an extra wide base radius for stability and can easily tear down for transport.

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